Darin Richardson

An Introduction

The Pacific Northwest called. I answered.

With six years in San Luis Obispo, California (four years for school, two for work) and no house payments, I decided it was time for something new and exciting — seasons. The Pacific Northwest had been kind to me with visits and vacations. Portland struck a chord with people, climate, and activities, so I packed the U-Haul and struck north.

Formally educated in print production and design then formally paid for web interface design and implementation, I have produced a variety of projects over the course of my career. This site presents these works in five sections, each briefly explained below. Please explore freely and contact me with any comments, questions, or job opportunities.

Portfolio Sections

Interface Design

These pieces demonstrate pure interface design. Visual flow, information hierarchy, and user interaction are primary layout concerns for these works, while brand integrity and visual consistency influence the overall look and feel.

Interface Implementation

These works showcase interface design and implementation. Working with HTML and CSS, the projects are centered around presenting information and supporting that information with clear, appropriate design.

Game Trailers

These pieces are just plain fun. Taken from inception to completion in just five hours, the game trailers are graphical frames built around a QuickTime video advertising a particular game.

Icons and Logos

Representing a particular design challenge, these works demonstrate the creation of icons and logos for various applications, online and off.


These print pieces exhibit knowledge of traditional design principles and production techniques. The works range from small books to black and white newspaper ads.